Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Less than cooly named Mstrkrft..seriously??? its only a few letters guys...

Always making good music however since the sad demise of Death From Above 1979 they have now brought out a classic with...drum roll...John Legend. I kid you not. Always sucker for 'Just Ordinary People' its understandable in a sense as the man has some talent.

And in fairness the song works, strangely complimenting the duo's beats it caught my attention straight away and ever since has been in my playlist.

While I am on the topic of guest vocals a massive massive song at the moment is funnily enough by the normally talentless button pusher's Flithy Dukes.

Orlando Weeks from The Maccabees has his lyrics chopped up and moved around from the song 'William Powers' which features on the new album 'Wall of Arms'

It works, and really really well. No credit taken from The Original as it is my favourite song on a brilliant album. In all fairness it dosent even sound anything like the original and it would take a Maccabees fan to notice the lyrics

So...two brilliant brilliant new songs with guest vocals..

What next then?

Lady Ga Ga staring on Madonnas's new album? how ironic..

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