Thursday, 8 January 2009

On my T.V! I think not...

It has taken a long time for me to fully appreciate T.V on the radio..After watching them Headline the Carling Stage at Reading I was blown away by how powerful they are live but once it came to their albums I found it difficult to wrap my head around what they were really aiming for.

Gracing from New York and forming in 2001 the band consists of Tunde Adebimpe, Kyp Malone, Jaleel Bunton, Gerard Smith and needing no introduction after his work producing Foals album and appearing at number 1 on the often debatable NME cool list is Dave Sitek.

The first album I was fortunate to get my hands on was the 2004 release Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

Then comes their most recent release Dear Science which is the most easily accessible of all of their releases but comes with brilliant Gems such as Golden Age all the way to spellbinding "Family Tree" which has to be one of my favourite songs from 2008 to date giving a softer side to a usual erratic TV on the Radio

Yes they have always been critically acclaimed and are loved by the 'it' crowd but I can finally confess to being a TV on the radio follower and although it is now 2009 I can happily say that Dear Science is the album in which TV on the radio just made sense.... which contained the brilliant and mesmerising Staring at the Sun. This album intrigued me a lot but I could still not listen to it the whole way through without feeling something was missing. I came across their 2006 release Return to Cookie Mountain which seemed to change my mind about this band completely. Here was a life changing record which gave new dimensions to music being produced in this current era. Yes it is easy to produce an easy pop record like Vampire Weekend or Little Boots but it is much more difficult and rewarding to produce a pop record which takes 20 listens to fully understand the brilliance of what they are trying to do.

Tv On The Radio Myspace

Tv On The Radio-Family Tree MP3

Over and Out!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

New year,New times..

So New Years Eve was messy, epic and just downright good fun.

Wax:On at Leeds University was brilliant.Erol brought in the big 09 with Justice's Water of Nazareth which nearly brought the house down..the rest of it is one biggggggg blur which ended up with a room full of lads and a wholeeeee lot of pizza.

One clear memory however was the dubstep room which was insane.I wish I could comment on it more but we spent NYE for what it was meant for.Getting blindo'd.

So this year shall be one of the best yet.Fingers crossed.Its back to the books for exams in January but from then on I can spend lots of time enjoying Leeds and various other places.

I am most looking forward to the up and coming NME tour with White Lies, Friendly Fires and Florence and The Machine..oh and Glasvegas sadly. Emmy the Great will also be gracing the Brudenell Social Club along with me and chris's good friends Ipso Facto.

So its onwards to the predictions for 2009..musically and socially..

1) Man Utd will win everything in their grasp with Berbatov getting his act together and scoring 30 goals

2)Me actually passing my first year at university with a first after a magic boost of intelligence and punctuality

3)Obama-Will he live up to the 'Dream' ???

4)Golden Silvers-Has to be the band of the year after their English Breakfast interview in Buck"Bacoooon and Eggs"

These songs arnt very relevant but I am enjoying them very much at the moment

Help!She Cant Swim-Are you feeling fashionable?

White Lies-From The Stars

Friendly Fires-Jump in the pool

Over and Out