Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Big Boots to Fill...

So its been a while...actually it feels more like decade since I last spoke my free mind on this wonderful blog. Summer it seems has brought about quite a few changes ranging from me actually having a job to buy and actually do things. I am in a stable relationship which seems to be going somewhere...and last but not least Man City and Real Madrid have spent about the same amount of money that it will cost me to finish university and it’s pretty obvious that they will finish in the same position next year.

However good as come musically and in the form of Bombay Bicycle Club. It seems that for some reason they have bypassed me for a long time now and it was only until they released ‘Always like This’ that they finally caught my attention. In all fairness they never seemed to have much about them, a poor mans Good Shoes if you will. However after watching them at Live at Leeds and playing their E.P’s ’ How we are’ and ‘The Boy I Used To Be’ I fell in love with Jack Steadman’s shakey vocals.

In all fairness it would be easy to say that I have loved this band since they started and try and blag that I have ‘watched them grow’ into their new sound that they have on recently released ‘I had the blues but I shook them loose’ but I haven’t and instead found out about a wonderful band at the right time. It seems critics wise they haven’t found many friends with numerous reviews slating the album and ridiculously giving it 5 out of 10 or 2 out of 5. This all comes about in a period in which the most lyrically talented artists such as Little Boots and La Roux are being rewarded with success. Give me a break please. ‘I’m gonna take you out tonight, I’m gonna make you feel alright’ she’s no Bob Dylan that’s for sure.

Album wise BBC are pretty tip top with ‘Lamplight’ and ‘Cancel on Me’ being standouts. The whole concept of the album is brilliant in a sense that no one song sounds the same. They should in all fairness be awarded for having the steel to be able to not just get a safe sound and stick with it which seems a common pattern of late.

Highlights for the summer easily come from The Maccabees, Passion Pit and Animal Collective with a sneaky little number from the Virgins(only one song mind) in the form of ‘Love is Colder Than Death’ at least they have musical talent for 5 minutes.

Next Goal Wins will be vacating our not so sunny shores in a few weeks to visit the Rhineland and maybe catch Hasselhoff on the Berlin Wall...or not. So expect tales a plenty as well as some fabulous holiday snaps.
Nathanial Day-Lewis (Thanks Andy)


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