Saturday, 28 November 2009

oh to be youveful...

So it seems like forever since I first saw this band in Worcester on the back end of what was a lovely summer.
I'd never heard of any of the bands playing the free Worcester all-dayer and if I was to be truthful I wasn't expecting much until Youves hit the stage.

They were exactly the band that I enjoy seeing live, bursting with energy and looking like they are having the time of their lives.
The crowd obviously fed off this as it was getting a little riotous to say the least.

So two months down the line and in very different circumstances I luckily caught them again before I started Work at Leeds Cockpit.
Although there was by far a smaller turnout they didn't let it phase them and showed that you don't need many people to get the party going.

Playing trademark songs such as the jittery and cow bell lined Aladdin's Rave and the infectious Bigorexic they reasserted how much potential they have if they are caught by the right sort of people.

Having already toured with successful bands such as Rolo Tommasi its only a matter of time before they are dancing around with their shirts off(the lead singer is hence) and invading your mind.

Nathan x

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