Friday, 21 November 2008

save yourself?

So ive decided to try again and hopefully this time not get my blogs removed without any permission..

Willy Mason..Where do i begin? It feels like another lifetime since I last listened to his tales.If it were not for one of my flatmates I think he would of been put in my musical archive forever and been lost amongst many other talents that I managed to siv through in my mid teens.However he his permantley back on my playlist and each song puts me back four or five years where I had no worries but to do homework and hangout with friends.

Listening to "Oxygen" makes you feel like you are on a long long journey that you just never want to end."Save myself" seems to be like a personal message to anyone listening that even if stuff is getting really bad then theres always hope.I really did think that Willy Mason would slowly dissapear into the distance like most singer song writers do but theres something genuine and honest about his whole persona that comforts you.Its stripped down raw emotion and thats what keeps you gripped.

Bon Iver is Justin Vernon's most current and notable band, it also contains Mike Noyce and Sean Carey. Their Debut album For Emma,Forever Ago was released in 2007 but has only just fallen into my lap. To understand the album itself without listening to it before is tough because for the first few times it feels like the album is just background music and then all of a sudden the penny drops.Its subtley beautiful and slowly creeps into your head after listening to it.The most standout songs are Skinny Love and For Emma but in my honest opinion you really need to listen to the album from start to finish to really appreciate it.

Over And Out

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Tuesday, 18 November 2008


I just found out why and im not impressed.A little warning so that I could of saved the actual blog would of helped.Thankyou money grabbing record companies.


so im wondering why the hell two of my blogs just randomly got deleted without warning?