Monday, 16 February 2009

I can tell why daddy's gone..

So it has been an exciting few weeks since I last blogged on here.

We have had the NME Tour at Leeds Academy featuring Florence and the Machine, White Lies, Friendly Fires and Sadly Glasvegas. This will be reviewed fully later on.

Then we had the much anticipated Golden Silvers gig at Wakefield Escobar which I had luckily been given the chance to interview them and then got put on the guest list. So a very good night all round. It was also time for 'Nath and Harry's' second outing on Leeds Student Radio after a successful yet slightly shortened debut. This went a lot better than we had planned and we also got to do a full two hours of radio due to another show having outside circumstances so we got to max our playlists to our hearts content.

On this same fun fuelled weekend I also managed to get completely and utterly destroyed at Cockpit after Golden Silvers with my trusty wingman Luke so it meant I slept alllll the way through Valentines Day which was a good thing in Ernest as I am terrible at romance. So on Sunday I felt I needed to make up for this lost day by doing some podcast work with harry in the studio and by chance bumped into Das Pop who were lovely fellows. So we managed to get put on the guest list for their show that evening and so became 'Jean Pierre' for the night. Much to Harry's delight as for his love of Das Pop.

They were in fact surprisingly very very good live and a lot of fun. The Drummer also looked like a mix of Michael McIntyre and Nick Grimshaw which was entertaining.

So back to the NME Tour.

I will now Rate each band individually.

Florence and The Machine (8) this was only because we only caught the last song but it was my favourite Dog days are over’ and she did look stupidly hot.

White Lies (9) they did everything that I expected of them. As good as they were in Bristol and a vast improvement since Latitude and Field Day. However it has been a good 4 months and a number 1 album since I last saw them and they haven’t changed much or improved in anyway. However Florence did make a guest appearance during 'Unfinished Business' which gave me another glimpse of the Fiery Redhead.

Friendly Fires (10) I have known about this band since they first released 'On Board' and had their wacky videos of strange racing taking place on Athletics’ Tracks. However I have never been able to catch them live which have always gotten to me. So seeing this band for the first time was always going to be a bit special and it didn’t not disappoint at all. I knew as soon as flashing disco lights were wheeled onto the stage that they were going to bring the house down and that is exactly what they did. From the epic dance anthems of 'White Diamonds' and 'Strobe' to the soul shaking 'Paris' they had the crowd dancing into a frenzy from the moment they stepped on stage.

What was really great about Friendly Fires live show was that they seemed to be enjoying it as much as the crowd were and Ed's crotch thrusting and non stop energy showed how much playing live meant to the band. It was like a non stop Carnival from the word go.

Glasvegas(3) Miserable, Dull, Lifeless- There are many words that I could describe their Live show but that sums it up. As well as playing easily their best track first to leave us with Shockingly bad lullabies sung in Scottish, they would not survive for a second without the lights they had obviously stolen from the ' Geraldine' video. After 2 brilliant up and coming bands as well as a band who brought disco funk into the 21st century it baffles me as to why NME thought that this band were going to do anything other than ruin the night. It also makes me wonder how long it is going to take until the Glasvegas bubble bursts. Especially with all the up and coming talent coming out of our shores.

Over and Out!

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