Thursday, 5 February 2009

Colour me in?

So it seems like a lifetime ago that I have written on here and a lifetime ago that I have heard anything new from the Maccabees...Until now.
They are back and have a brand new tour. Praise the lord. By far the best band to come from our shores for a long time it has been overdue for a while.

The past few weeks seem to of flew by in a haze of hangovers and lack of university attending but from now on it can only get better. This weekend see's the start of my radio show at Leeds Student Radio ( the very very early but refreshing time of 9am on a Sunday .However it will mean I have to stay in and do Uni work on a Saturday night but oh well. This weekend is also the NME Tour at Leeds Academy which I am very much looking forward to. I am hoping White Lies blow me away again as well as seeing Friendly Fires for the first time. Florence will also be very good to look at; Glasvegas however will have to be a miss after their dismal performance in Bristol.

I am also very looking forward to Jack Penate’s new album after hearing Today’s Tonight which is nothing like he has done before and has a much more funk/Caribbean sound about it which fits his voice perfectly.

More after this much anticipated weekend!

Over and Out x

Maccabees Myspace

Leeds Student Radio

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