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Golden Silvers Interview

So I caught up with Golden Silvers at their Hotel Room before their dazzling show at the Wakefield Escobar.

Heres there Interview

Golden Silvers Interview

Nathan-Why did you set up Bronze Club?

Golden Silvers/Will-We set it up so that we could put gigs on for ourselves and to put other bands we like on. We knew the guy running the Macbeth and he used to run a place called the Asylum where we used to go to this Jam. It seemed like the most obvious place to do it. Then it materialised from there.

Nathan- You’ve got Esser playing your club night right?

Gwilym-Yeah he’s playing in February because we will be on Tour

Nathan- So are you on tour properly at the moment?

Gwilym- At the moment we are doing three dates and then next week we are going to Mexico, to play a festival.

Nathan- How did that come about?

Alexis-Our management just told us that we had a gig in Mexico. I’d of never of expected us to be playing in Mexico.

Nathan- How long have you guys been together?

Alexis- About a year and a half yeah.

Nathan- I saw you at Latitude and then again in Birmingham last year before you supported Mystery Jets, but do you feel you have progressed a lot since you first started?

Gwilym- Yeah, we have just recorded our album and moved things along quite a bit.

Nathan-Did you get signed to XL?

Gwilym- Yeah we kind of had a bit of History with some of the guys from XL and when we were doing our tour a few Labels began to get interested and then XL came in at the last minute and were really keen and we felt that they were the best Label out there.

Nathan- How has the album gone?

Gwilym-Yeah its gone really well...

Alexis- Yeah it has been quite exciting. It is going to be out in April so there isn’t that long to wait.

Nathan-Yeah I thought you had recorded it quite quickly. What do think it sounds like?

Ben- Yeah it has moved along quite a lot to how we used to do it. We have changed the set quite a lot to try and get what we have done on the album. It has just sort of moved away from just going nuts.

Nathan- Yeah when I see you live you always seem to sort of Jam together

Gwilym- Yeah we have still got that, just trying to get the songs across is important

Alexis- The new sounds are important for us and to try and make it sound like the new album.

Nathan- What is your favourite song off the album?

Alexis- I still love Arrows of Eros. There’s a new version of that on the album. It is a bit slower than the original that came out last year. There’s another called locked in my head that I really like.

Gwilym- I sort of really like the new ones, there’s one called Please Venus.

Nathan- Yeah that’s my favourite as well. I also like true no 9 blues.

Gwilym- Yeah we have just done a video for that.

Nathan- I heard about that...Wasn’t it in London?

Gwilym- Yeah it was really cool

Nathan- I was going to ask about style, because you were in BUCK magazine. Do you feel that style is important for bands?

Gwilym- I think it is but I don’t think it should be the main thing.

Ben- Im sure if it was like a jazz band then they wouldn’t really care that much. I think alot of people do seem to care about it a lot.

Gwilym- I think for us the music is the main thing..

Nathan- Your obviously quite stylish people in my opinion, but do you feel that when people look at bands and think they are badly dressed do you feel they are put off.

Alexis-Yeah I think they do...they shouldn’t really because the music could be amazing but they could just look shit, but I do definitely think that people get put off by their style.

Nathan- What are your favourite influences, what do you feel you bring to the band?

Gwilym- For me its old folk songs to Leonard Cohen and further on. The way we perform the songs comes from so many different places. I love the Beach Boys and the Beatles

Alexis- There is a lot of funk involved as well such as 80’s Prince, Hendrix and Frank Zappa. I listen to a lot of Jazz. Anything really, we don’t just listen to one style of music.

Gwilym- We are kind of influenced by bands we like at the moment and bands that we get on at the bronze club like Invisible

Nathan- What do you enjoy doing outside of the band?

Ben- I don’t really have a life outside of the band (whole band laughs)

Alexis- I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter that I look after and that is amazing. Apart from that not much else because music is pretty much it for us.

Nathan- What would you be doing if you weren’t in the band?

Alexis- I would still be playing music in some form of a band.

Gwilym- Id would be a footballer or maybe a Boxer.

Ben-I would be a cycle Courier

Alexis- That’s because you were one.

Nathan- What does that entail?

Ben- You basically had to deliver post around London.

Nathan- That sounds pretty cool.

Alexis- Yeah when we are walking around London he’s always like nah it’s this way ha-ha.

Luke- Yeah that’s what Steve did, Steve from Good Shoes used to be a Cycle Courier.

Nathan- What will you be doing this year?

Alexis- Yeah we will be busy doing a lot of shows and a lot of touring

Nathan- Have you got any festivals you have been confirmed for?

Gwilym- At the moment we have been confirmed for Bestival and hopefully some others.

Nathan- Thanks for your time Lads, I hope you have a good show.

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