Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Imagine my Horror...

I have never been a big fan of The Horror's. It is always been too much style over substance and I personally feel they have never lived up to their hype..

However after managing to get my hands on their new album a few weeks before its release it was to my upmost suprise and shock when I realised that they had made a beautifully crafted album filled with something that I would of never of thought they had in them.

Sea within a Sea which you can download at the moment for free from their website is a hauntingly yet wonderful song which lasts 7.58 minutes but is as far as possible that they could of moved away from their below average former self's

I will be reviewing the album in its full once I have given it a well earnt on repeat listen but to be honest so far they have been the biggest shock for of 2009.

Its always nice have a good suprise...

The Horrors-Sea within a sea mp3

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