Wednesday, 8 April 2009

From Dole to Stardom...

After following his career for a few years now and being rather a big fan it was a pleasant surprise to be able to interview Eugene McGuiness and try and find out what his personality is really like...

N.D-You’re currently on tour with The Rumble strips. How’s that going?

E.M-Yeah it’s going really well they are really nice guys to tour with.

N.D-When performing Live what is your favourite song to perform?

E.M- To be honest I love performing them all, I obviously like performing the newest ones the most but if I had to pick one it would Moscow State Circus

N.D-My personal favourite is “a girl who my eyes shine for...” do you mind if I be a bit cheeky and ask you to play it tonight?

E.M- That’s funny, someone asked me to play that last night, I must be on to a winner with that one.

N.D-Your brothers in Swanton Bomb’s who are starting to get a name for themselves. Do you help out at all with them?

E.M- Yeah I helped out on the last E.P and he is in my band. We both play with each other when we can and it’s a lot of fun. He recorded with us on my album. I’m currently recording the next one. It’s mainly down to if we are both free and it works then we love playing together.

N.D-You are normally based in Liverpool but I read you moved to London?

E.M- Yeah I was at university in Liverpool and then moved to London for a year which was really great. I currently have a flat In Liverpool but I’m moving back to London hopefully before or after the summer. I miss it too much

N.D - Is Liverpool not enough then? Haha

E.M- No, No It’s a great city but London just has so much life about it and so many different areas. Most people that visit London only really go to the Tourist areas or the Hip places like Shoreditch, Soho and Camden but there’s so much more too it.

N.D- You are signed to Domino Records. How did that come about?

E.M- It all came about through MySpace. I was on the dole when they contacted me so I jumped at the chance.

N.D- Did you have any labels chasing to get your signature?

E.M- I wish. It wasn’t like that at all. No one obviously wanted me ha-ha.

N.D- Who are your main influences?

E.M- I would say The Beatles, Nick Cave as well as David Bowie that man is a genius. I’m sure he’s a Martian.

N.D- Who are your favourite bands at the moment?

E.M- I love Grinderman, the new Horrors stuff is amazing as well, they have completely changed from the last time I heard them.

N.D- With White Lies gaining massive success in the charts to you feel this puts too much pressure on bands like this when they are returning with a second album?

E.M- It all depends if they have the right people and if they have their heads screwed on. If they have that then they will just produce something as great. As long as they are still enjoying what they are doing that’s all that matters.

Eugene Mcguiness Myspace

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