Thursday, 11 December 2008

Its been an age...

So I lost my password and couldnt answer my secret question.great.

sometimes its almost impossible to use the internet sometimes when every two seconds you are asked for your mothers dogs first childs name as a secret question.Strange..very strange

But back to the basics..Its been a crazy old few weeks and since I last dropped my thoughts onto here and it feels like a whole new life im living now. I finally ended up going home which was amazing and probably one of the best weekends in a long long time.I travelled to Bristol to see Glasvegas be supported by what has to be the best support bill in many many gigs..The epic and uplifting White Lies and the jerky pop of Thomas Tantrum.

There are no words as to how much White Lies have changed since the last two times i witnessed them.Gone are the few flaws they had and now they have replace mediocre lighting displays to something which makes u feel like it is the end of the world.It is strange to think that I saw them in the same venue(Bristol Anson Rooms) just over a year ago supporting the maccabees as Fear of Flying.It seems like you are watching a band from another planet. The best bit about it is that they have been very careful in not letting many songs being leaked onto the net from their new album so brownie points to their management.They are also now booked onto the tasty looking NME tour with Glasvegas,Friendly Fires and Florence and the Machine.

Glasvegas on the other hand were what i expected..overly scotish...overly reliant on the lighting from the geraldine video and after a guitar pedal breaking and a long break they just lost their momentum.So no gold star for them.

It feels good to be writing again.Its nearly christmas and after a rather unsuccesful/unfun trip with names mentioned ahem. I am looking ahead to this weekend for the jingle all the way show at Leeds Holy Trinity Church which includes the always inspiring Jeremy Warmsley and Cats and Cats and Cats. Then its off to the Academy on the same day to witness those Maccam heroes the Futureheads reinstall why they are just that damn good..

Over and out!

p.s The Specials reforming! ohhhhhhhhh my dear god!

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